Essential Guide to Finding the Perfect Men’s Wedding Band

Congrats on finding the special someone. Now that you have decided to exchange the vows, it’s time to shop for the best Diamond Wedding Bands in Dubai UAE. Shopping for a wedding band can be pretty overwhelming because there are so many designs and styles available.

The design of your wedding band must signify your union with your beloved. Besides, some like to have matching wedding band sets. On the other hand, millennial couples these days like to get Diamond Eternity Wedding Bands that match their unique style and individuality. 

Key Things to Consider for Diamond Wedding Bands for Men 

Your top three concerns should be the style of the wearer, the metal choice, and the budget. 

  • Style and Preferences: Preferred style is a key feature to keep in mind when selecting the ring. You need to confirm that the selected design is suitable for daily wear as some activities (gardening or chemical work) might not allow wearing the ring all the time.

Secondly, there is a huge customer segment that like Mens Diamond Wedding Bands and some like to keep the design subtle without any stones. Consider the style of the individual to determine whether the design should have stones or not.

Finally, the style preference also goes with the width and the fit of the wedding band. Some men like thick bands with comfort fit and there are some slim band designs with a flat fit. It is important to consider the band size to pick the perfect option. 

  • Metal Selection: Some couples like matching sets, however, gone are the days of matching metals as well. Now women like to experiment with rose gold and other trendy choices, whereas men prefer the classic Platinum Diamond Wedding Bands.

Selecting the metal is a personal preference, however, you must confirm that the selected metal suits your physical features. Based on the undertone of your skin, you can make a decision between yellow, red or white-looking metals.

White is suitable for fair skin with red undertones, whereas yellow gold neutralizes the skin undertones and works for almost everyone.

  • Budget: While selecting the metal may look like a game of colours, it is also important to consider the budget. Platinum and tungsten are two popular choices for men’s rings. These are durable but expensive. Other popular picks are white gold and yellow gold. Some like to invest in sterling silver, which is similar to white gold but it does scratch easily and needs re-polishing. Determine the budget and you will be able to pick the right metal or style for the wedding bands. 

Bottom line

Selecting a wedding band can be overwhelming, but not when you consider the aspects discussed above.  JCO London has plenty of choices to choose from. Explore our store, you will definitely be able to pick the right design from our huge collection of platinum, yellow gold, and White Gold Diamond Wedding Bands. 

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