List of the Top 8 Custom Jewellery Trends for 2022

Keeping up with the latest style trends can be difficult because they appear and disappear quickly. Likewise, jewellery is a good example. There are usually a ton of new Bespoke Jewellery trends every year, and we’re here to fill you in on our favorites so you can rock them like a pro.

Top 8 Custom Jewellery Trends for 2022

  • Gorgeous Pearls

Pearls are a timeless accessory that can transform even the most basic outfits into something sophisticated and chic. As evidenced by our eye-catching sea urchin and pearl earrings, we are big fans of jewellery that fuses traditional pearls with more modern shapes and colors.

  • Layered Necklaces

The timeless style of layered or stacked chains will never go out of style. You might choose a series of thin, tiny, and bespoke gold jewellery or Bespoke Diamond Jewellery that you can easily layer.

Choose a longer, more dramatic necklace, such as a pendant or chain, and layer it with shorter, more delicate necklaces to attract attention to your face.

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  • Statement Pendant Necklaces

You can make a statement with a large and flashy bespoke pendant necklace or a more delicate yet intriguing necklace. One of their accessories can make an otherwise dull ensemble pop (think simple silver rings or a pair of small gold stud earrings).

  • Miss Matching Earrings

Discover a pair of earrings that are comparable in size, shape, and color as a starting point. The floral collection, amulets collection, and ocean textures collection are excellent starting points because all of the earrings in these collections are the same size and color but have distinct patterns. They go perfectly with mismatched or bespoke diamond earrings.

  • Body Jewellery

In 2022, a new bespoke fine jewellery style featuring body chains and piercings is all the rage. Even though piercings have been trendy for decades, their interest in them is growing in 2022. They are a unique addition to your wardrobe if you want a non-conformist approach to fashion, as they allow you to experiment with various outfits with merely a switch of your bespoke jewellery online,

  • Cuffs

Women’s cuffs have been a sign of strength and independence for generations. During the Viking era, soldiers and commanders used arm rings to pledge allegiance. They remain fashionable in some modern-day societies and can be spotted on the runway.

  • Gold Chains

Gold chains are another throwback accessory. You may spice up or dress down any ensemble by adding one of these luxurious gold chains. Pick from a thin gold chain for a day at the office, or go all out with lockets and Bespoke Diamond Ring to turn attention on the town.

  • Cluster Necklaces

Necklaces with a cluster of pendants or jewels hang on a single chain. As you go about your day, the chain’s many components will float to new resting places and shift positions.


Understanding the dominant styles of 2022 can serve as a starting point for your next wardrobe revamp. Customize jewellery for him with new trends and the hottest jewellery items to reflect your unique sense of style. If you want the latest and most sustaining jewellery, check out JCO London.

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