Top 6 Tips to Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger

There are various designs and styles available for Diamond Engagement Rings in London UK. Some are very subtle and some feature glamorous and attention-seeking accents. If you belong to the group of buyers that like to flaunt a giant rock on their hands then this post is going to be of great help.

Needless to say, when diamonds get bigger in the size the price tag goes up. However, it is possible to make your ring look better and bigger without spending a fortune on it. Yes, you read that right. With some useful tips, you can select one of the bigger looking.

Diamond Engagement Rings for Women and That Too Without Hurting Your Budget.

  • Diamond Shape Matters: Engagement rings are designed with various shapes of diamonds. Some look bigger than others. You need to make the decision wisely. For instance, Oval Diamond Engagement Rings will look bigger when compared to the same carat size. The secret lies in the shape of the stone. Ditch the classic round shape and choose either oval or emerald shape to get a bigger looking ring.
  • Diamond Cut Makes a Big Difference: Increasing the carat size is not the only way to make a diamond look bigger, try different cut grades and you can find the difference. Always prefer a Very Good or Excellent cut grade to get the extra brilliance of a larger diamond without spending more.

  • Adjust the Colour and Clarity: Apart from the carat size, the colour and carat also determine the price of Gold Diamond Engagement Rings. So if you wish to get a bigger looking diamond without hurting your budget, get a bigger one but go lower with the colour and clarity.
  • Halo Rings are Lifesavers: Those who don’t have a budget for a bigger centre stone can also consider halo settings. They shine brighter and the accent stones add the effect of a bigger stone.
  • Stone Settings are also Important: Avoid getting a stone setting with so much metal showing on top. If you do the opposite the diamond will look bigger on its own.
  • The Metal Secrets: Choosing to rose gold or yellow gold might give the impression of a smaller diamond. The same size diamond will look bigger with white settings. This is why Platinum Diamond Engagement Rings are so popular these days.

 Final words    

A bigger looking diamond doesn’t always hurt your budget. Just follow the tips shared above to get what your heart desires without spending a lot. Discover the iconic range at JCO London to find a diamond ring similar to the ideas listed above. We have an extensive range of different styles of Diamond Engagement Rings for men and women.

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