Types of Wedding Bands for Couples

Have you made the decision of a lifetime by saying “yes”? That is wonderful indeed, but the next part is equally crucial, because you have to pick out the perfect wedding ring. Whether it is diamond wedding bands for women or diamond wedding bands for him, it is a piece of jewellery you have to wear for the rest of your life, so select carefully.

Here Are Some Common Wedding Bands for Couples – Take A Look:

Comfort Fit Wedding Bands 

As is evident from the name, this ring has an incredible fit due to its rounded interior. Since the metal part that touches your finger is comparatively less, the feel is comfier. That is why such wedding bands for couples are extremely popular nowadays.

Diamond Wedding Eternity Bands

This type of ring is quite costly, but it is definitely worth it. The Diamond Wedding Eternity Bands are fabulous and come with prong or channel set diamonds – the ring is fully embellished with them. Needless to say, they look very stunning and elegant.

Wedding Bands

Flat Wedding Rings

This ring is self-explanatory too – it is flat on the top portion. Often referred to as pipe rings, they are apt for couples who wish to steer clear from gaudy and over-the-top pieces. These rings have a contemporary vibe.

Plain Wedding Rings

Who said wedding bands for couples have to contain diamonds all the time? Ditch the stone and choose to make a classy statement with a band of platinum or gold. These day, many wedding rings are made with white gold as well.

Colored Wedding Bands

Want to incorproate a hint of color in your wedding ring? Why not choose your birthstone for the ring? Be it emeralds, rubies or sapphires, they look marvelous when paired with gold or platinum. 

Half-Round Wedding Bands

If you are a stickler for traditional designs, you can’t go wrong with this type of ring. The top part is rounded, while underneath it is flat. You can opt for a comfort fit as well.

Customized Rings

These fancy wedding bands for couples feature bespoke design and elements. For instance, you can choose to get a special quote engraved on the rings that holds a deep meaning for both of you. Some people get special symbols engraved too, such as infinity, heart signs, and so on.

Wraps and Guards

Although these don’t fall under the conventional category of a wedding ring, they do a fantastic job of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of engagement rings. Gemstones are set in the wrap, around a single diamond in the justify, thus making it look even more gorgeous.

Ready to look at some magnificent wedding bands for couples? Diamond gold wedding bands can be stylish and sophisticated, but if your budget permits, you could opt for diamond platinum wedding bands too. In case you prefer a bit of subtlety when it comes to jewellery, go for white gold diamond wedding bands, as they are delightfully charming. If you are feeling all the more romantic get a set of Diamond Matching Wedding Bands. As always, make sure you buy from a reputed jeweller, so you can rest assured about getting true value for money.

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