Diamond Clarity


The clarity of a diamond tells you the degree of blemishes and inclusions in the diamond, generally determining how clear and flawless your diamond is. take billions of year to form within the Earth, during this process tiny particles, and other materials may become trapped inside. These features are called inclusions. There can also be imperfections on the surface of the diamond. These are known as blemishes.

Although important, clarity can be one of the ideal categories to compromise on. Clarity is typically the most unnoticeable factors in a diamond, inclusions and blemishes are normally invisible to viewers, meaning that even lower grade diamonds are just as stunning. Clarity is measured on a scale from Flawless, to I2, with diamonds getting ever so slightly more included as you move down.



Flawless diamonds are the highest level of clarity a diamond can be. They hold no internal flaws or external blemishes under 10x magnification. Flawless and internally flawless diamonds make up only 1% of all diamonds

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Internally flawless

Internally flawless diamonds have no inclusions but may hold some blemishes when examined by an expert under 10x magnification.

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VVS diamonds are very very slightly included. Enclosing only minute inclusions, just shy of internally flawless. Some of these inclusions may be pinpoints, tiny feathers internal graining or tiny cavities. Only about 7% of all diamonds are in the VVS grade, making them very valuable. A VVS1 stone will hold even less inclusions than a VVS2

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VS1 & VS2

VS grade diamonds are some of the more popular grades of diamonds, they virtually guarantee that your diamond is eye clean, whilst also maximising your budget. VS2 grade diamonds will have more inclusions than a VS1

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SI1 & SI2

SI diamonds are slightly included. These diamonds possess inclusions that can be relatively easily found under 10x magnification and can sometimes be visible to the naked eye when looking at a certain angle of the diamond. These grades are perfect for someone looking to maximise their budget. SI2 diamonds have slightly more inclusions than an SI1

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I1 & I2

Diamonds in the I1 and I2 range possess inclusions that can typically be seen with the naked eye,

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