Ring Resize Guide Ring Resize Guide

Ring Size Guide

Whether you want to keep it a surprise, or just want to find out your partners ring size accurately, we have the guide for you


Here are Some Helpful Tips before we Get Started

  • The average ring size for a woman is ‘M’, the average for a man is an S
  • Your fingers tend to swell and shrink throughout the day, the best time to measure your finger is at the end of the day
  • Rings with wider bands will fit tighter, if you plan to measure one of your partners existing rings, try and measure one with a similar width of what you plan to buy
Ring Resizer Ring Resizer

If your partner has already figured out your plans, the easiest way to get an accurate ring measurement Is to visit one of our showrooms and get one of our experts to help you choose.


How to tell your partners ring size without them knowing!

This is quite a tricky feat if you don’t have help, so here are our tips to make sure you get the right ring size without spoiling the surprise

  • If your partner wears any other rings, you can use that ring for an accurate idea. Ideally you want a ring that they wear on the right hand and finger, but either way it will give a good estimate. Rings with wider bands will fit tighter, if you plan to measure one of your partners existing rings, try and measure one with a similar width of what you plan to buy
  • If your partner has and friends with a similar hand size, and you can trust them to keep the secret, you could ask them for their ring size
  • Come visit one of our showrooms, even a picture of your partners hands can be enough for our experts to give you a good idea of what ring size you need
Measure a ring size at home Measure a ring size with ring sizer at home

What if I don't get the ring size right?

If your partners ring doesn’t fit them perfectly, don’t worry! You can both come visit our showrooms and we’ll resize it for you for free.

How to accurately measure a ring size at home

  • This process is a lot easier when it’s not a surprise, so here are some tips to make sure you get an accurate measurement.
  • Come visit one of our showrooms, our experts will tell you exactly what ring size you or your partner needs, so theres no risk and no messing around. If this isnt an option for you, here’s how to measure a ring size without leaving your house.

Frequently asked questions

Ring resizing is free to all clients who have created the ring in question with JCO London, as part of our lifetime care package.

The fewer sizes the ring is resized to, the better. Typically, rings can be altered up or down by 3 ring sizes. Any more than this, and the ring would have to be entirely remade.

No, but there is a limit to how many times you should resize your ring. If possible, try to stick to less than three resizes throughout the ring’s lifetime. If a ring is resized any more than this, it is likely to become weaker and less durable to withstand life’s daily activities. If you’re looking to resize an antique ring, consult an expert to ensure the ring is sturdy enough to withstand alterations.

Resizing your ring isn’t always the best option - and in such instances adding what we call ‘speed bumps’ may do the trick. These small additions (to the inside of the band of the ring) can help to create a more comfortable fit that ensures your ring won’t twist around.

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